Africa Travel News

October 26, 2023

Focus on Africa; Namibia’s Natural Wonders

Namibia, a land of stark beauty and dramatic landscapes, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. From endless deserts to wildlife-rich national parks, this southern […]
October 24, 2023

Fee Waivers: U.S. Schools Offering Application Fee Waivers

Applying to universities in the United States can be a costly endeavor, particularly for students who are already grappling with financial constraints. The application fees for […]
October 20, 2023

The Joy of Road Trips: Exploring the Volta Region by Car.

If you’re seeking adventure, cultural immersion, and breathtaking landscapes, a road trip through Ghana’s Volta Region should be at the top of your travel list. This […]
October 20, 2023

South Africa and Ghana Announce Visa Exemption Agreement

In an exciting development for travelers, the governments of the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Ghana have reached a mutual agreement to implement […]
Focus on Africa; Namibia’s Natural Wonders
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